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Reminder: at the Last Frontier Shooting Range Gunalda Qld. Doc Holliday Memorial Checkers (600x800).jpg (298865 bytes)Spinifex1 (600x800).jpg (314849 bytes) Shoot and Cowboy 18" its on again Sunday, September 2nd.2018. Nominations $25.00 Six Stages and prizes, includes lunch. Let us know numbers for catering please. Apology goes to Captain Whiplash who was able to place himself into third place today and not as previously advertised. Perfect day, and a great posse shot out the stages from the Canberra shoot that I attended in 2001.The stages were fun and shot in the format of that year made for an exciting day of Cowboy Action Shooting. Our guest for the day was Checkers (pictured) all the way from the Jarindale Club in Western Australia. Best Dressed today was Spinifex (Pictured on the right), congratulations for making the effort to dress up. Overall winner was Mortimer followed by the Sheriff and Captain Whiplash.match finaltt Main Match 08052018.pdf


Farron West.jpg (448873 bytes)News to Hand at the Last Frontier Shooting Range Gunalda Qld.  Doc Holliday Memorial Shoot and Cowboy 17" its on again next Sunday,September 3rd.2017.Nominations $25.00 includes lunch. Let us know numbers for catering please .
Mungo done it again, The Sheriff shot the match clean,managed to get the bonus but lost it due to a "P" The new shooters had a ball, Chisholm managed to get 7 of the Metallic Silhouette turkey's at 150 metres. Captain Whiplash was ever so smooth. Recond you should come along and join in the fun, You know, its the closest you will get to the old west short of being in a time machine. Want to see the scoreboard for today's Match then click here : Main Match 08272017.pdf



MortimerBlue (598x800).JPG (2253566 bytes)Encouraging: We had seven visitors today looking to see just what Cowboy Action shooting was all about and I am sure that they didn't go away disappointed.
Whoa, Sundance Kid is back the overall winner for today, let us hope he stays as smooth when he visits NSW shortly. Mortimer was runner up followed by Lakota. Congratulations goes to all shooters that took part in today's Cowboy Action match. Special thankyou goes to Lakota and Teacher in preparing the targets for the next shoot and Thankyou to Chisholm and Mrs Chisholm with their taking care of the catering today in Minnie Ha Ha's absence. Doc Holliday Memorial Shoot and Cowboy 17" its on again September 3rd.2017.Nominations $25.00 includes lunch. Let us know numbers for catering please. Scores : match finaltt Main Match 08062017.pdf

Today we had two shooters that shot the match clean, our new shooter Bad Al Junior cleaned the match so to did our over winner Mortimer. Congratulations to you both. The top Pistol Metallic Silhouette shooter managed seven hits on the 200 metre ram from ten shots. Congratulations, goes to Chisholm. The Annual General Meeting was held and positions remain the same with only slight changes to the Committee.
You will find the scores for today's match right here : Match Final 08282016.pdf


Sunday 7th.August,2016.
IMG_0863 (598x800).jpg (470183 bytes)Another great day of Cowboy Action at The Last Frontier, a small crowd due to other larger matches being shot

Sunday 23rd.August,2015.
Today's Cowboy Action at The Last Frontier once again hit the top of the list for action and variation. Clean shooter today was Mungo, congratulations Mungo. Its great to see a shooter that shoots so fast clean the match. Railway man from yesteryear Bad Al Zima showed us how it was done from a runaway wagon, excellent shooting Bad Al. We all found out at the Telegraph Office that Billy had passed away. "Rest in Peace Billy". Match Final Main Match 08232015.pdf

News to Hand :The "Doc Holiday Memorial and Cowboy 15" this year will be featured as a one day shoot on Sunday the 27th.September,2015. (there will be six stages shot.)shooting starts at 9 a.m.. 
Nominations : $25.00 includes Sunday lunch.
Rules : Club Rules combined together with SASS Rules will apply.
Saturday night Camping : with power $10.00.....camping without power $5.00. 
Please call 0408986253 or email : to register for catering purposes.


Sunday 2nd.August,2015.
GrisleyFeb15.jpg (74919 bytes)Important Notice Last Reminder:
A reminder to those that have not renewed their Club membership, they are now overdue. It is an offence just as is not participating in the required amount of shoots for the year which has to be reported to Weapons Licensing in their Annual Audit of unfinancial Club members due 31st August each year.
Another fantastic fun filled day was had by all, Grizzly James shot the match clean, congratulations Grizzly. Our legend shooter Mortimer ended up with a ranking of 5 congratulations Mortimer. New shooter "Duke Luke "shot for the first time today congratulations Duke I noticed the running target couldn't get away from you. Match Final Main Match 08022015.pdf


Sunday 24th.August,2014.
The "Doc Holiday Memorial and Cowboy 14" this year will be featured as a one day shoot on Sunday the 7th.September,2014. (there will be six stages shot.)
 and for those arriving Saturday.

Saturday afternoon 2 p.m 6th. September,2014,a run down shoot will be a feature event with a $5.00 nomination.
On the Sunday there will be six stages shot, shooting starts at 9 a.m.. 
Nominations : $20.00 includes Sunday lunch.
Rules : Club Rules combined together with SASS Rules will apply.
Saturday night Camping : with power $10.00.....camping without power $5.00. 
Please call 0408986253 or email : to register for catering purposes.

REWARD OFFERED : For information leading to the person or person's responsible for starting the rumor that " The Last Frontier Shooting Range is For Sale " for those sincere members concerned about this rumor, please be advised that " The Last Frontier Shooting Range" is Not For Sale. this link maybe a good one to verify "Last Frontier in the making " click on it and have a good read.   signed Sheriff of Tinstone.


Sunday 25th.August,2013.
Today was the last day of preparations for our Cowboy Wild West Celebrations to be held next weekend,

Sunday August 4th.2013.
All I can say is thankyou for giving us another wonderful day with absolute superb conditions and great company to play our favourite game of Cowboy Action. The overall winner today was the Sheriff of Tinstone. The scores for Special Christmas Tree Event being closely contested. ( A Special thankyou goes to Philin for his efforts with the targets.) See you all for the next shoot on the 25th.August,2013 after which the Annual General meeting will be held.

docholiday.jpg (428177 bytes) Remember these dates 31st.August and 1st September,2013. You too can get your forms here : Doc Holiday Memorial Cowboy13_Poster.pdf Cowboy13_Nomination_Form.pdf"
pictured the late Doc Holiday shooting 
Reminder : Memberships now due 31st. July, 2013.
Police Audit 31st August for pistol participations.
Get your Membership Form here Membership2013.pdf  

You will find today's scores right here : 04082013.pdf

Sunday 26th.August,2012.
Its Not too late :"Cowboy 12" Here's the chance of winning a fabulous prize- for everyone that nominates and attends go into the Lucky Door Draw, it's not too late so nominate now Cowboy 12 Flyer and Nomination Form.pdf  phone Minnie Ha Ha to lodge your late entry 0754864248.

Well the practising is finished now, are you ready for the real thing ? Why don't you come along to next weekends special events, offering great prizes and plenty of fun times and great entertainment on Saturday night, or don't forget the costume contest.

Here's today's scores : 26082012.pdf

Sunday 5th. August,2012.
NEWS to Hand :"Cowboy 12" Here's the chance of winning a fabulous prize- for everyone that nominates and attends go into the Lucky Door Draw, it's not too late so nominate now Cowboy 12 Flyer and Nomination Form.pdf

LastFrontierAug2012.jpg (146240 bytes)Once again today's weather was great and we were honoured to have with us two visiting International shooters and by their comments I believe they are going to stay. We were treated to a walkout stage featuring a two boot scenario as well as four other easy shooting stages and you know what amazes me is that there are never any complaints from the not so good of a shooter and I guess that they always have the most fun, just take time to ask them. As I say this memories come flooding back of our member One Armed Bill Wilson now deceased, who never complained, but acted always in the Spirit of the Game, always played out the Game to whatever was asked and always kept smiling. Thankyou Bill for the many things you taught me that I thought that I couldn't do, and for giving me the courage to say the words that had to be said.
Looking forward to meeting you all at Cowboy 12 Doc Holiday Memorial "Dead Man's Hand Shoot" 1st & 2nd.September,2012.
Today's Scores are here 05082012.pdf


Sunday 28th.August,2011.
Important Notice Last Reminder:
A reminder to those that have not renewed their Club membership, they are now overdue. It is an offence just as is not participating in the required amount of shoots for the year and has to be reported to Weapons Licensing in their Annual Audit of unfinancial Club members due 31st August each year.
Get your Membership Form here MEMBERSHIP FORM10.pdf
Todays shoot was an excellent practise run for next weeks "Cowboy 11". I wonder just what ID Claire has install for us ? See ya there.
Oh I forgot here is today's scores. 28082011.pdf

Sunday 7th. August,2011.
FrontierExpress2010.jpg (104931 bytes)
Did you like the train ride ? The bonuses were great but what about the targets ? Off course there was also those hostages back on Stage 3....well I guess there are some that would not want to talk about those either, however, I am sure that you all had a great time. Welcome to our new members Miss Smokey and Smokey Barrels. A reminder to those that have not renewed your memberships, they are now overdue.
Get your Membership Form here MEMBERSHIP FORM10.pdf
Todays scores are here for you to see  07082011.pdf          


Sunday 22nd.August,2010.
Next shoot 4th & 5th September "Cowboy 10". Nominations still being accepted. Don't forget the Costume Contest at the Shindig Saturday night the Costume Contest for the best working gear on both days and of course the lucky door prize, remember its not over until the fat lady sings.

The Last Frontier Shooting Club Inc ANNOUNCES NEW FEES EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY ....Range Fees Only $10.00 to all Comer's. Come and Join The Last Frontier and Enjoy the Fun and Camaraderie of Single Action Shooting at a Premier Location.

Adults                  $100.00 per year
Juniors with license $75.00 per year
Family Memberships 
Husband & Wife   $175.00 per year
Juniors                 $30.00 per year
other family members needing reason to possess  $75.00 per year
Adults not needing reason to possess $37.00 per year.
Financial Year ends 31st July.
You will find today's scores here : 22082010.pdf


Sunday 1st August,2010.
NEWS to Hand :"Cowboy 10"
Here's the chance of winning a holiday- for everyone that nominates and attends go into the Lucky Door Draw. Prize is One weeks Holiday for up to 6 people at Club Noosa valued @ $1,300.00.
The winner of the previous Lucky Door Holiday was Bad Al Zima.

Chance 2009 Winner.jpg (94267 bytes)Today's shoot was and excellent opportunity to hone your skills in readiness for our Wild West Show "Cowboy 10 the Doc Holiday Memorial" shoot in September. We are also looking for last years overall winner Chance and the perpetual trophy. Does anyone know of his whereabouts ? Please contact me or tell him to give me a call on 0754864248 or email : 

You may download your nomination form here.10Nomination.pdf.
For those of you wanting to know about the dress code, rules and equipment click on this link
Todays scores are right here just click : 01082010.pdf


23rd August,2009.
action at the station.jpg (166010 bytes)Today was the last practise run for those wishing to do their best at our upcoming Annual Cowboy 09. A shoot run annually over two days comprising of mixed events of shooting in the Last Frontier Wild West Show. There will be ten Main Stages over the two days, five Saturday morning and five Sunday morning. Apart from these stages the Pat Garrett Event will be an interesting challenge. Long Range Rifle and other side matches will also come to the fore please contact Cpt. J.C.Jackson for your ammunition requirements and to lodge your late nomination.09Nomination.pdf Click on this pdf file for the days scores 230809.pdf

2nd August,2009.
Wyatt Earp1.jpg (136719 bytes)No Pony1.jpg (143310 bytes)Five Stages and a bunch of eager cowboys/cowgirls all dressed up and looking for fun. Well, they certainly found it, yep it was all happening from shooting across the cowcatcher of the train with the 45/70 to being drawn on at the card table. It certainly was a great day of shooting again with perfect Last Frontier weather conditions. There's only one month till Cowboy 09 and The Doc Holliday Memorial Shoot click here to get your nomination 09Nomination.pdf Todays scores are in this pdf 02082009.pdf

Sunday 24th August,2008.
For those that do not know the funeral of Stumpy aka Ken Boreham took place in Gympie on the 18th August,2008. Stumpy was a very active Cowboy Action shooter in past years, with running shoots and Annual Club Shindigs. Stumpy went with us to End of Trail California U.S.A. in 1998. I still remember the smile on his face when we arrived at Los Angles airport. Stumpy passed away at the age of 60 years.
The return of Spring weather made for a great day of social shooting today with five main stages completed before lunch.
You will find the scores by clicking on the pdf file.240808.pdf

Cowboy 08 August 2nd / 3rd 2008.
Congratulations to Captain J.C.Jackson who wrote and prepared the 13 Sensational Stages. 10 Main Stages and 3 Stages of Pat Garrett. Each scenario came complete with a full page of history from the Black and White Movie's Western Era, this of course was extremely helpful on the Saturday nights Trivia Pursuit Challenge which was held after the BBQ. It was something never tried before and enjoyed.
The weather was made for excellent shooting conditions with a warm morning Saturday and cooler conditions on the Sunday morning. Yes, we must give gratitude for all we were handed out. A special thanks to all those that made the weekend the success that it was. Click on the pdf file
Cowboy 08 Main Match.pdf to view Cowboy 08 Category Final.pdf scores.       


August 25/26th.2007. "Cowboy 07" to be re-scheduled.
I would like to thank those persons that made the effort and who didn't pack up and go home, you helped make the weekend the success it was. Thankyou for your support. The Last Frontier was without electricity for three full days, it sure was a long time when we rely on it for running the freezers, water supply/toilets and lights. 
Cowboy Silhouette winners were Cisco and Lady Nell, Long Range Rifle winner Wyatt Earp. Cowboy Clays winners were Jack the Blade Slade and Alice Longshot. 
Six stages were shot all finished by 12 noon. Click here to see the scores.260807.pdf

August 5th.2007. Today was the runner up shoot to " The Cowboy 07" Just ask those that attended what Cowboy Action is all about at The Last Frontier. Nominate now for "Cowboy 07"to be in the early lucky Nomination prize draw. Todays scores Click here 050807.pdf

August 26/27th 2006. "THE COWBOY 06"Thankyou to all of you that participated and made the weekend a very memorable one for both Minnie Ha Ha and myself. What a fantastic shoot with 61 shooters over the two days, 10 action packed stages, The Terror was the overall winner second place was R.C.Shot and coming up in third position The Sheriff of Tinstone. Long range rifle out to 200 metres was shot in three categories, I.D.Claire took out the Single Shot Event, as well as winning the ladies Cowboy Silhouette. Runner up in Single Shot was Bad Ass Wallace. Rifle calibre went to Bad Al Zima with runner up Old Dude. Pistol Calibre award went to Siringo followed by Jack the Blade Slade. Cowboy Silhouette was won by C.T.M. and had never been shot in this country before and it was proved to be very popular. There was Cowboy clays as well won by Buster Giggs with Alice Longshot winning the ladies category, yes shot with those sawn off shotguns. Yes you had to be here to see it, smiles everywhere and everyone had a story to tell. The Saturday night shindig. 70 people fronted up to an excellent roast meal complete with desserts and great music from Ripley Rose and Noel Simonsen. The hard luck story (trophy) went to Cute Ass Wallace... The most furthest travelled trophy went to Doctor Death and Sassy Lilly. Encouragement awards went to One Armed Bill Wilson and Silverton Chuck.. The lucky nominations prize donated by Noosa Shooters Supplies went to Big Bad John....well done cowboys/cowgirls.
Click on the Match Final.pdfor the category placings cowboy06.pdf to view the scorcard. Click on the pics below to view some of the characters at "The Cowboy 06"

cowb1.jpg (106582 bytes)cowb2.jpg (97651 bytes)cowb4.jpg (88691 bytes)cowb5.jpg (117783 bytes)

cowb6.jpg (105847 bytes)cowb7.jpg (102698 bytes)cowb8.jpg (113615 bytes)cowb9.jpg (94568 bytes)


August 6th 2006.
fortneb.jpg (82219 bytes)Pictured is Fort Nebraska Stage # 1 in "The Cowboy 06" which will be held at the Last Frontier August 26th & 27th. Nominate now to be at the celebrations and to win a special Last Frontier Medallion or the lucky nomination prize donated by Noosa Shooters Supplies Captain Augustus and I D Claire. Yes everyone that nominates is in the draw to win this fabulous prize.
Back to August 6,another fantastic day. It was just like the start of spring here at the Last Frontier. sunrisebosscroc.jpg (100588 bytes) We had visitors from South Australia Sunrise Ned and his wife Sunset Rose, Boss Croc from Noosa as well as our regular shooting team. mortrooster.jpg (88744 bytes)Well know names like Col. Douglas Mortimer and Rooster Cockburn, Grizzley James, Bad Al Zima and the list goes on. A great day was had by all. Click on the pdf file 0608.pdf to view the scores .


august7.jpg (98176 bytes)badalzima.jpg (87467 bytes)SundanceMud.jpg (90025 bytes)

BlackBart.jpg (73140 bytes)MortimerOneArm.jpg (95450 bytes)liberty.jpg (62797 bytes)

Howdy, Pictures Above
As you can see from the above pictures (compliments of Will E Doo Gunfighter Extraordinaire)
there was plenty of action at The Last Frontier on August 7th 2005.
Placings for 7th August,2005.
1.Rooster Cockburn
2.Black Bart
3.The Sheriff
6.Liberty Valance
8.Rick O'Shea
9.Tom Dooley
11.Douglas Mortimer
12.Grizzley James
13.Cpt J C Jackson
14.Bad Al Zima
15.Will E. Doo
16.Nebraska Dude
17.Blue Star
18.Sundance Kid
19.Minnie Ha Ha
20.One Armed Bill Wilson
22.Jack'the Blade'Slade.

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