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The Last Frontier.The Sheriff of Tinstone and Minnie Ha Ha Welcome you to the website of the IMG_0902 (598x800) (598x800).jpg (322640 bytes) Last Frontier Shooting Range Gunalda Queensland.

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The next shoot at The Last Frontier Shooting Range will be the 23rd.September,2018,Starts bang on 9am with 5 action packed scenarios.   

Visitors always Welcome just wear some sunglasses.
Phone The Sheriff  0408986253 for more details.

Click on the link below for some interesting reading :
"Last Frontier in the making" Written by Siringo and Ron Owen.


MortRifle.jpg (107903 bytes)Click here on the pdf file to JOIN THE LAST FRONTIER SHOOTING CLUB Inc.

Get your Membership Form here 
Membership 2017 to 2018

Adults                  $120.00 per year
Juniors with license $95.00 per year
Family Memberships 
Husband & Wife   $205.00 per year
Juniors                 $50.00 per year
other family members needing reason to possess  $95.00 per year
Adults not needing reason to possess $57.00 per year.
Financial Year ends 31st July.
Membership 2017 to 2018


SHOOT TIMES : First and Fourth Sunday of every month 9 am. "The Last Frontier" 765 Anderleigh Road, Gunalda, turn off the Bruce Highway to the right into Anderleigh Road 28 kilometers north of Gympie, "The Last Frontier" is 7.65 kilometers on your left.
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nebraska gang.jpg (77068 bytes)September 8th.2015 It is with regret that I have to announce the passing of Joan Daly aka Blue Star. Joan passed away in Maryborough Hospital on the above date. Our sincere condolences Gavin Daly aka Nebraska Dude and daughter Vivian.



lesmoore.jpg (85984 bytes)September 27th.2014 at 1.55 pm. It is with regret that I have to announce that our loyal member Lester Moore aka Lester Allbeury passed away in the Gympie Nursing home. Lester has no relatives remaining. Lester loved to come of a Saturday and paint the targets in readiness for the Sunday shoots, this job gave him great pleasure as he always said "make it good Sheriff and I'll make it look good ." He kept the range clean, his pet hate was cigarette butts being dropped on the ground, and that's why you won't find any at The Last Frontier. Thankyou Lester for the sincere support that you have given us.


REWARD OFFERED : For information leading to the person or person's responsible for starting the rumor that " The Last Frontier Shooting Range is For Sale " for those sincere members concerned about this rumor, please be advised that " The Last Frontier Shooting Range" is Not For Sale. this link maybe a good one to verify "Last Frontier in the making " click on it and have a good read.   signed Sheriff of Tinstone.

News to hand :
Weapons Applications now available online.
Click here to see the brochures :
WAO_NEW LICENCE_ExternalUse.pdf
WAO_PERMIT to Acquire_ExternalUse.pdf
Click on the link below to apply now :

The Last Frontier Shooting Range is looking for Membership Support to keep the current Range Fees to a minimum, therefore it has new incentives for Members of The Last Frontier Shooting Club Inc.
The Last Frontier Shooting Club Inc ANNOUNCES NEW FEES EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY ....Range Fees Only $10.00 to all Member's. Come and Join The Last Frontier and Enjoy the Fun and Camaraderie of Single Action Shooting at a Premier Location.

News to Hand : Lonesome Dove's compelling new book called " Cowgirls Down-Under" 
is now available for purchase. For those that may not know the writer Lonesome Dove, both her and Mr. Skye are leaders in the development of Cowboy Action Shooting in New South Wales thus prompting the writing of this wonderful book.
You may now download the order form here.
 ORDER FORM for Cowgirl Book.pdf  


A Word of Warning : In my opinion for Pat Garrett Shooters and for those that are trying to make their bigger caliber rifles shoot faster "DON'T MESS WITH THEM as You are only playing a game of DANGER" Cowboy Action Shooting is a safe sport and that is the way it needs to stay.

Shooting School by Appointment:
Learn to shoot a pistol.
Learn how to shoot a rifle.
Learn how to shoot a shotgun.
Learn how to get a firearms licence.
Learn how to improve your Cowboy Action Shooting.
Learn how to shoot clay pigeons (Shotgun Shooting).
Individual Classes @ $50.00 per hour plus ammunition cost.
Email the to book your course now.

ShadyLadies2010.jpg (87123 bytes)The Last Frontier Shooting Range is looking for Membership Support to keep the current Range Fees to a minimum, therefore it has new incentives for Members of The Last Frontier Shooting Club Inc.

Monthly Scores are now available by clicking on the month on the left of this page.You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and download the file. Adobe Acrobat is available free by clicking Get Adobe Reader . Once you have Adobe setup all you need to do each month is to click on the "pdf files" listed on the monthly report of the shoot to download the scores.

kangaroo.jpg (92799 bytes)The Last Frontier is the only place in the world where Kangaroos feed with the Bison and Grizzly Bears. Checkout the picture.

We have dedicated The Last Frontier to Cowboy Action Shooting. The Last Frontier Shooting Club Inc...Cowboy Long Range Rifle out to 200 metres and Cowboy Clays and more.

HOW TO FIND  THE LAST FRONTIER : Drive north from Gympie up the Bruce Highway to Gunalda (28 kilometres) turn right into Anderleigh Road continue for 7.65 kilometres. The Last Frontier is in the left.
Or from Maryborough drive south down the Bruce Highway 60 kilometres to Gunalda turn left into Anderleigh Road 7.65 kilometres. The Last Frontier is on the left.

NEXT COWBOY ACTION SHOOT: at The Last Frontier is on the first and fourth Sunday's of each month Starting BANG on 9 am. SEE Ya there...
The matches will be shot over 5 Stages and set up to equal any State, National or International Competitions.
Members Range Fee $10.00.

METALLIC SILHOUETTE at The Last Frontier on the first and fourth Sunday's of each month. Starting BANG on 9 am. Range Fee $10.00.

SPORTING CLAYS :(Simulated Field Shotgun Shooting) The date and times of the Shoot Days : After lunch 1st and 4th Sundays of each month.

Stay watching more exciting news coming on "The Last Frontier" the new dedicated Cowboy Action Shooting Range.


onearmbillwil.jpg (90811 bytes)November 11th 7.30pm 2009. It is with regret that I have to announce that our loyal member and inspiration to all shooters One Armed Bill Wilson aka Peter Lightbody passed away at 7.30pm today. His wife has asked that we inform all of his shooting friends. "Bill you showed us how it should be done...Thankyou."
One Armed Bill Wilson's
funeral service will be held at 10am Wednesday 18th. November 2009, at the Heritage Chapel, Bruce Hwy Crematorium Maryborough. Cowboy Dress is appropriate.



:slim.jpg (104010 bytes)Sad news Slim Chance

Slims funeral service was held at Tallowood Drive,Deception Bay on Monday 6th March 2006 at 11 am.

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